7 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Plumbing Fixtures

Old, leaky plumbing fixtures are an eyesore. Surprisingly, they can also be harmful to your health. Whether you plan on selling your San Antonio, Texas home or intend to live in it for quite a while, upgrading your plumbing fixtures will make your living environment safer, more visually appealing, and far more pleasant to be in. Here are seven solid reasons to make having new plumbing fixtures installed your next home improvement project.

1. New Fixtures Will Make Your Home More Marketable

When selling your home, you should know that bathrooms and kitchens are among the very first places that prospective buyers tour. After all, these are the rooms that building residents are virtually guaranteed to use every day. When bathrooms and kitchens have rusty and outdated plumbing fixtures, homes are far less likely to attract motivated buyers or command the highest possible prices.

If you plan on listing your home soon, having upgraded plumbing fixtures installed is an easy and affordable way to make the best possible impression on your target market. Even if you don’t intend to sell, having new plumbing fixtures put in will keep your house on par with current market standards. This way, if you do decide to sell at some point, you won’t have as much to take care of.

2. You Currently Have Standard Fixtures Installed

Plumbing fixtures have come quite a long way in the past several years. The latest options in plumbing fixtures are sleek and highly refined. They improve bathroom aesthetics, limit water waste, and provide greater ease of use. There are also a number of options in low-touch faucets that limit the likelihood of illness by preventing the transfer of germs. You can find options made from materials that have inherent antimicrobial properties and upgrades that seamlessly coordinate with other indoor elements such as your wall sconces, towel racks, or cabinet hardware among other things.

3. Water Pressure Is Unsteady

Many of the best reasons for upgrading home plumbing fixtures are functional and practical. Although having new plumbing fixtures is sure to make your kitchen and your bathrooms look more modern and appealing, it will also make many essential home features perform better. For instance, if you experience dramatic changes in water pressure while taking a shower, replacing your old shower heads and faucets can enhance your daily self-care routine.

Aging fixtures are often filled with mineral deposits and other build-ups. Although these accumulations can be eliminated by removing and soaking their clogged components, with aging fixtures, replacement tends to be the most effective choice.

4. You’ve Got a Leak That Can’t Be Fixed

The naturally high levels of humidity in kitchens and bathrooms can take a toll on plumbing fixtures. When hard water is added into the picture, plumbing fixtures can look worn and aged as they begin to visibly degrade. One sure sign that it’s time to change your plumbing fixtures is the development of leaks that are impossible to fix. Constantly dripping faucets can be a nightmare to live with. Attempting to asleep while hearing loud dripping and splashing sounds is downright maddening. A constant drip can also increase your water bill because of the constant water waste.

Leaky fixtures that cannot be repaired have often been stripped or rusted out beyond repair. Some leaky fixtures may even progressively wear down the valve stems that they’re attached to. Once this occurs, these fixtures can no longer be tightened. In these instances, the only choice is to replace them.

5. Your Plumbing Fixtures Have a Dingy, Rusty Look

It’s definitely time to have your fixtures upgraded if they have a dingy, rusty look despite your best efforts to clean them. Not only will your home look better after this upgrade, but you’ll also find it much easier to clean. You won’t have to experiment with new cleaning or polishing solutions, and you can enjoy a living environment that always looks fresh and inviting.

Brand-new fixtures are incredibly easy to take care of. Moreover, given that newly installed fixtures are less likely to have leaks or pooling water at their bases, they’re also less likely to develop problems with mold, mildew, bacteria, and other common pathogens.

6. Your Water Quality Has Gone Down

Leaky fixtures create the perfect environment for mold and bacteria to thrive. Changing them out at the end of their lifespan can actually improve your water quality. Most plumbing fixtures are designed to last 15 to 20 years. However, the expected lifespans of plumbing fixtures is often calculated with optimal conditions in mind. For instance, plumbing fixtures are more likely to last for two full decades in homes that don’t have excessively hard water, when fixtures aren’t being overused, and when problems with leaks and rusting don’t exist. In the typical home, residents regularly contend with leaky faucets, mishandling, excessive use, and gradual corrosion.

Waiting two decades before changing your plumbing fixtures out can have a marked impact on your home’s water quality. Depending upon where your outdated fixtures are located, this can mean having an unacceptably low quality of water for:

  • Drinking
  • Cooking
  • Bathing and showering
  • Washing your personal items

If you’ve got rusty, cloudy, or all-around murky water coming out of your taps, old fixtures are a likely culprit.

7. You’ve Got Mold or Pest Problems That Won’t Go Away

If you’ve got persistent mold problems in your home, the best way to deal with them is by identifying and eliminating their source. In many instances, the source of indoor mold is a slow or inconspicuous leak. Unfortunately, many of these leaks exist at faucets. A leaky faucet doesn’t have to make a lot of noise or keep you up at night to cause serious problems. Faucet leaks add moisture to the indoor environment. Depending upon where they’re located and how fast-moving they are, they can also saturate building materials and create standing bodies of water. Changing leaky faucets out will leave you with dryer cabinets and sink areas, less indoor moisture, and fewer problems with mold.

It’s also important to note that old, leaky fixtures can also be a major attractant for pests. Although people are often diligent about storing their food items, most rodents and insects enter homes in search of water. Having a leaking faucet could set the stage for a major rat, mouse, or cockroach problem even though your home is otherwise pristine. If you’ve struggled with pests in the past or if you’re currently dealing with a major infestation, having new fixtures put in could be an essential step toward eliminating water access and getting rid of pests for good.

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