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Did you know that there are nearly 500,000 plumbers in the United States? A good chunk of them operate in San Antonio, Texas, and that number is expected to increase in the upcoming years. That’s because every homeowner needs the services of a good plumber every once in a great while.

But how do you hire one of the best plumbers in San Antonio? If you have a broken pipe or a clogged drain, how do you choose an experienced plumber from the thousands operating in your area? Here are 9 tips that cover everything you need to know about the plumber hiring process.

1. Make Sure the Plumber is Licensed

It can be very risky to work with a plumber without a license. This increases your chances of being ripped off as a homeowner, and you might not be able to report the plumber if he does a poor job. You can check the license of a plumber online or simply ask the plumber to provide you his license number. This simple background check gives you more peace of mind and ensures that you’re working with a trustworthy guy.

2. Your PLumber Should be Insured

Insurance is very important when dealing with home service companies, especially plumbers. Keep in mind that if the plumber is not insured, and he is accidentally injured on your property, you can be held responsible for this. In addition, if a plumber damages your property, you don’t have to worry about his ability to cover the damages. His insurance company should cover any damage. Why risk it when you can simply ask the plumber to show proof of insurance? His insurance policy should cover the cost of treating any property damage and injuries as a result of working on your house.

3. The Plumber Must Provide Some Sort of Warranty

A warranty policy should cover you for about 1 year, and it gives you more peace of mind that the work done is of high quality. Plumbers who don’t offer some sort of warranty might not be as confident in their services, so you should stay away from them.

4. You Should Work With Experienced Plumbers

It is true that a novice plumber who just started working might offer you a smaller price for fixing a pipe, but you shouldn’t fall for that. Remember that a faulty plumbing installation or a poor repair job can cause massive damages to your property. That’s why it’s important to work with experienced plumbers who have worked as a plumber for at least a few years.

5. Ask for References and Testimonials

If you work with an experienced plumber, you can also ask for proof of his work before hiring him. Many experienced plumbers in San Antonio can provide references or testimonials from past clients. It may be possible to contact some of these clients and ask for their feedback regarding the plumbing services offered by this company. Talking with past clients helps you better understand the services offered by a plumber, so take advantage of that.

6. Look Online for Reviews

Most plumbing companies have websites, and they probably have received reviews through the Google Places platform. These reviews are genuine, as they are left by past clients who have tried a plumbing service there in San Antonio before. Read some of these reviews and make up your own mind regarding the services offered by a plumbing company.

7. See if You Can Obtain a plumbing Quote Before Hiring

For simple things like installing a faucet or unclogging a toilet, chances are that many plumbers charge a flat fee, or they can give you a pretty accurate estimate on what you should expect to pay before they come out to your property. It would be great if you can obtain a plumbing service quote from at least three plumbing companies before deciding to work with one of them.

Keep in mind that the quoted price might or might not include travel fees and problem assessment. You should ask if there are hidden costs or if you need to pay extra for a particular service. Also, ask if your quote includes the cost of purchasing materials such as pipes, fixtures, a faucet, etc.

8. Ask About the Plumbers Availability

Most plumbers work in shifts, and they can arrive at your place during a particular time interval. Some of them are available in the morning through lunchtime. Others can be found mostly during the evening when people get back from work. Ask your plumber when he is available to perform a plumbing repair, so you know how to plan your day.

Keep in mind that some plumbers also offer emergency services. These cost more, but they are very efficient if a pipe broke in the middle of the night, and water is flowing all over your house. Ask if emergency services are available and note down the plumber’s number because you never know when you might encounter an emergency like that.

9. See if Your Plumber has Basic Social Skills

Your plumber doesn’t have to be an expert in conversations because this is not what he’s trained for. However, you might want to work with a plumber who has basic communication skills. This means that he is willing to listen carefully when you explain the problem, and he is willing to make you understand how the problem will be solved.

Keep in mind that for some plumbing jobs, you might need to cooperate with your plumber for many hours every day. If your plumber is polite and talkative, hire him. If he’s rude or shows signs that he doesn’t like when you ask questions, maybe you should find someone else.

Now You Know How to Hire the Right Plumbers in San Antonio!

As you can see, hiring the right plumbers in San Antonio is a matter of knowing your priorities and rights. The selection process doesn’t have to be complicated if you keep in mind our suggested tips.

If you have a plumbing emergency or just want to fix that leaky faucet once and for all, make sure that you contact us today. Our plumbing services are affordable and our experienced plumbers can tackle the plumbing needs of most homeowners in the San Antonio, Texas area.

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