Sump pumps in New Braunfels, TX do a lot in keeping your home in great condition. They basically prevent moisture from building up within the home and also prevents flooding. The pumps kick in automatically to control water levels, so there’s nothing that you need to do. With that said, you should still get the pumps inspected every once in awhile to ensure that it gets the sump pump repair it needs in a timely fashion. If you wait too long to get the repairs, the problem can magnify exponentially to the point where you need to get it replaced.

If you need a sump pump replacement in New Braunfels, give Anchor Plumbing Services a call. We have a lot of experience in dealing with all types of sump pump problems and can help you find a suitable replacement. The two most popular types include submersible pumps and pedestal pumps. Pedestal pumps are generally considered a better option for small basins while submersible ones are a better option for larger ones.