Reliable San Antonio Garbage Disposal Service

Anchor Plumbing Services is a trusted plumbing name for garbage disposal installation in San Antonio, TX. Our plumbers are experienced and competent to install any garbage disposal. We offer a wide array of plumbing services, including garbage disposal repair and maintenance. Regardless of size and scope, rest assured that our team can take care of it.

Help! My Garbage Disposal Is Broken!

Food waste is the largest waste that enters landfills, and about 30 to 40 percent of the US food supply is thrown in landfills each year. Installing a garbage disposal can help reduce this amount. In addition, garbage disposals help keep your kitchen smelling clean and fresh, make cleaning after cooking easier, and reduce harmful bacteria in the kitchen. So long as you know how to maintain your garbage disposal, it should last you several years. A good functioning disposal makes life easier in the kitchen. But if your disposal sounds like its ready for takeoff, consider letting us replace it. Malfunctioning disposals can simply stop working, or worse, begin to leak, damaging your cabinets.

When you need help with garbage disposal repair or garbage disposal installation, you want to know you’re being taken care of by experts who can truly solve your problem. Each one of our contractors is highly trained on how to install a garbage disposal unit, how to replace a garbage disposal system, and more! Regardless of what you need, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise needed to assist you with your garbage disposal unit. We are a reliable team that shows up exactly when we say we will and which finishes every job on time. We believe in being there when we say we will so that you can count on the best garbage disposal services from our team.