Dale Lentz

Henry and Dakota visited us. Henry quickly diagnosed what was wrong and made the repair quickly. What was being done and why was explained each step of the way. Repair was Much Better than the initial installation 10 years ago. Definitely will be using their services again if needed.

Shemika S

Paul was great! We had a leak in the main pipe of our home during the cold weather freeze this week which caused water to saturate one of our bedrooms. He was able to come that morning to diagnose and fix the leak. He thoroughly explained everything he did and what our next steps should be. I will definitely use Anchor Plumbing in the future and recommend him to others!

Samantha D

Paul did a great job fixing my water pressure and correcting a leak that another company did not fix correctly. He was prompt quick and very honest. Will definently use again if I need more work.

Ken Thompson

Paul is always on time and the service is impeccable!

Dave W

Paul was there when I need him he knew exactly what to do and didn’t waste no time thanks Paul for the good job

Tiffany G

We just recently moved to San Antonio and had a few minor plumbing concerns that we wanted looked at in our house (low-ish water pressure, water softener functionality and maintenance, etc). I had been dragging my feet in calling a plumber, but my hand was forced when my 4 year old flushed a plastic toilet paper holder down the toilet, rendering my master bath toilet useless. I called Anchor after seeing Facebook suggestion. Paul was friendly, professional, and quick to get out to us (about 2 hours since he was on another job when I called). After getting here, he was able to snake the toilet and have the issue fixed within 10 minutes. He even humored my son’s million questions and our ever nosy dog with stride. The prices were reasonable, but might be a little on the higher end if you have a quick job like mine. This is due to the fact that they use a flat rate rather than an hourly rate – a benefit if you have something that’s going to take a bit of time, but something to consider if you have a quick snake job like we had. Basically, I paid a bit more than I was expecting, but it was more than worth it because of what Paul did AFTER he fixed the immediate issue at hand.

Paul was amazingly helpful and took the time to examine our water pressure and water softener for free. He checked our outside pressure and after a few questions and further examination, determined it was probably a source issue (the pressure is ok, we just wish it was a bit higher). He did offer some helpful DIY solutions for the shower, toilets, etc. He also went to examine our water softener and schooled me on the required maintenance. If after following his instructions we found that our softener still wasn’t working properly, he’d come back and check it out for free and see if we needed repairs. Luckily, his directions worked and we now have a fully functioning water softener.

Overall, we were super satisfied and will DEFINITELY be using Anchor again in the future.



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