The Best Toilet Repair and Replacement in San Antonio, TX

    We’ll help you with toilet replacement, toilet installation, and toilet repairs in the San Antonio, Texas area. With our team, you know that your plumbing needs are taken care of.

    Keep Your Toilet Working the Way That it Should

    Can you hear the water running in your toilet in the middle of the night? Those can lead to costly water bills and lead to further problems.

    We can fix that nagging issue and take up very little of your time. All new toilets use 1.28 gallons per flush (low flow) but it’s important to know that not all toilets are the same. Toilets are like cars – they all work, but some operate more smoothly and give you fewer problems.

    Similarly, not all plumbing services are the same! If you’re looking for expert San Antonio toilet repairs to help you repair or replace a toilet, you’re in the right place. Let Anchor Plumbing Services help you pick your next make and model or restore the one you have.

    The Lowest Toilet Repair and Toilet Replacement Cost

    When it comes to San Antonio toilet replacement or repair, new parts and replacement valves can rack up quickly. However, with Anchor Plumbing Services, we keep our costs to a minimum.

    We use the highest quality toilet repair kit and replacement parts while still keeping costs at an all-time low. That means that regardless of whether you need toilet flange repair, a toilet fill valve repair, or something else, we’ll make sure that your toilet is taken care of in an affordable and quality-filled manner.

    Toilet Repair and Replacement

    We’ll Handle Every Aspect of Your San Antonio Toilet Installation and Repairs

    With Anchor Plumbing services, nothing is off the cards. We’ll assist you with every aspect of your toilet repair, replacement, and installation.

    That means you can count on us to assist you with every toilet service, including:

    • Flapper repairs
    • Toilet handle fixes
    • Flange replacements
    • Leaky toilets
    • Clogged drains
    • Slowly filling toilets

    No matter what the issue is, we’re here to make sure that you’ve got a fully functioning toilet when you need it!

    How We Work

    Getting started with toilet repairs and installations is easy!


    Step 1: Call or Text Us

    One of our representatives would be happy to schedule someone to come to your home or business and take a look at your current toilet. Call us to get you started today!


    Step 2: Get Your Estimate

    At the consultation, our technician will carefully inspect your current toilet. He will help you determine if a repair or replacement is needed. He will go over your estimate, financing options, and– if you’re ready– have you sign the paperwork.

    Repair Tools

    Step 3: Repair or Installation

    After you’ve agreed to your quote, it’s time for us to get to work! In most cases, our technicians will be able to do any repair and installation work immediately. For some larger projects, we will arrive at your home on an agreed-upon date and time to begin toilet repairs or installation. We are typically able to start and complete work on the same day. Upon completion, we do a final inspection to make sure everything is cleaned up and working as promised.

    Happy Person

    Step 4: Experience the Benefits

    Once your toilet is repaired or installed, you will immediately start to see the benefits. If you experience any problems or have any questions, you can always call us, and we’re happy to help.

    Keep Your San Antonio Toilet Functioning Correctly

    Get in touch with our team to get the help you need for your plumbing!