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    Protect Your Home and Family

    There are many problems that hard water can bring to a home. The build-up in your water-working appliances and pipes can cause expensive damage. Minerals in your water can leave an undesired film on dishes, hair, and skin.

    Out of all the water softener companies in San Antonio, we have the most upfront and no-nonsense solution. Our service is hassle-free, and we customize a water softener solution that’s just right for you and your budget and is up to plumbing code.

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    No Gimmicks

    We value our customers because we recognize that without them, we wouldn’t be here at all. That is why you’ll see what our company stands for– honesty, kindness, and respect for your family and home. You have enough to worry about without worrying about your water softener cost. Let us help you find the worry-free solution to hard water that you need.

    Save Money in the Long Run

    The water you get from San Antonio’s water system can sometimes wreak havoc in your home. The list of things in your home that hard water affects due to mineral build-up can mean dollar signs. Consider all the appliances in your home that run off of water, and you know that running hard water through them will cost you dearly in the end. In extreme cases, hard water can lay so much scale inside the pipes that the entire system may need to be replaced. Switching to a water softener system will prove invaluable in the end.

    Water Softener

    Better Solution for Your Family

    Hard water can leave residue on dishes, bathtubs, hair, skin, and clothes. Laundry detergent can’t take care of the problem, and your clothes can wear out faster being washed in hard water. Our water softener system can remove those extra mineral deposits to leave your dishes, skin, hair, and clothes cleaner. You can also feel good knowing you and your family are drinking water that is safe and mineral-free.

    How it Works


    Step 1: Call or Text Us

    One of our representatives would be happy to schedule someone to come to your home or business and take a look at your current system. Call today! Let’s get you started today!

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    Step 2: Customize Your Solution

    We size up your water softener system according to plumbing codes. Because we offer multiple sizes of softeners, we can easily find one that will fit your needs. If there are additional plumbing needs in your home, we can take care of that as well.

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    Step 3: Experience the Benefits

    Once your water softener system is installed, you will start to see the benefits of your home and family. If you experience any problems or have any questions, you can always call us, and we would be happy to help.

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    “I have used Anchor three times, and each time, I received quality work that was done quickly. I really recommend them; Paul’s response time is the best and his team is knowledgeable and very polite.”

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    “They showed up on time, did a professional job and I would recommend them.”

    — Joe Paciorek

    How Much Does Water Softener Cost?

    Everyone’s home is different, and there are different customizable solutions that we offer.

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