Many homeowners in San Antonio don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their plumbing systems until something goes awry. Burst pipes, clogged drains, and whole-house backups are urgent and unfortunate reminders that preventative maintenance is always worthwhile. Purchasing a plumbing maintenance plan is a great way to sidestep costly issues that are largely the result of negligence.

The money that you spend on a plumbing maintenance plan is guaranteed to pay for itself over the years. These plans can help preserve the value and integrity of your home, keep building residents safe, and ensure that you remain compliant with the terms of your home insurance policy and home warranty. The following are eight solid reasons to invest in a plumbing maintenance plan today.

1. Stop Dealing With the Consequences of Costly Oversights

Plumbing maintenance plans take the stress and hassle out of plumbing maintenance. When you sign up for a maintenance program, the scheduling of essential preventative services will be done for you. You’ll get helpful reminders when it’s time for a whole-house plumbing inspection, and you’ll get regular services that include:

  • Leak detection
  • Water pressure checks
  • Faucet and hose bib inspections
  • Toilet inspections
  • Water heater maintenance and inspections

These services allow plumbers to identify minor issues before they’ve had the chance to spiral out of control. As such, your repair costs will be lower, and you’ll be far less likely to have major flooding or backup events that cause water damage to your property.

2. Get Priority Scheduling

Signing up for a preventative maintenance plan is a great way to forge a solid relationship with a trusted plumbing company. Homeowners who have maintenance plans in place are often viewed as V.I.P. customers. This makes it easier for these consumers to get timely service during busy seasons and at all other times when their providers are inundated with repair requests. Maintenance plan memberships can also provide access to special discounts and other loyalty benefits.

3. Protect and Improve Resident Health

Routine plumbing maintenance is the best form of prevention for whole-house backups, burst pipes, and failed water heaters. Many of these events can flood your home with water that’s rife with chemical and biological contaminants and set the stage for serious mold issues.

If you have someone living in your home who suffers from asthma, allergies, or any other chronic respiratory health issue, you probably go out of your way to keep your HVAC system in top condition. Surprisingly, taking good care of your plumbing can be just as important to this end. When plumbing systems are working as they should, the risk of being exposed to harmful airborne contaminants is greatly minimized. Taking measures to prevent major flood events also protects pets and small children from having direct contact with gray water, black water, or the harmful pathogens they often contain.

4. Replace Worn Components Before the End of Their Lifespans

Most major plumbing repairs and plumbing-related floods are the result of letting fixtures, appliances, and other key plumbing components reach the ends of their lifespans before replacing them. Annual plumbing inspections are opportunities for plumbing professionals to swap out worn parts before they’ve failed entirely. When homeowners stay on top of general maintenance, they’re often able to avoid even the most minor plumbing repairs entirely.

Building a long-term relationship with reputable plumbers and purchasing a preventative maintenance plan streamlines all plumbing elements for lifelong efficiency. With the right plumbing company and the right plan, you can rest assured that:

  • The right fixtures and appliances are correctly installed
  • You’ve been properly instructed about how to use and care for all aspects of your plumbing system
  • Wear-related issues are resolved before problems actually arise

Your plumbing fixtures and appliances will work more efficiently too. This means less water waste, lower water bills, and fewer earlier-than-anticipated replacements.

5. Plan in Advance for Major Plumbing Overhauls and Replacements

Failing to pay attention to your plumbing doesn’t just allow minor problems to spiral. It can also leave you sidelined by the sudden need for major appliance or fixture replacements. When you have licensed plumbers performing whole-house inspections, you can get early warnings about aging water heaters, toilets, pipes, faucets, bathtubs, shower pans, and more. These warnings give homeowners ample opportunity to plan and budget for essential plumbing improvements.

6. Enjoy Higher Water Quality

Water quality testing is an important part of routine plumbing maintenance. This isn’t something that you’re likely to think about if you’re only scheduling plumbing service when your showers won’t drain, your toilets are clogged, or water is backing up into your home.

Water quality assessments will let you know whether you’ve got hard water, high levels of waterborne contaminants, or other problems that are affecting the taste, purity, and all-around potability of your tap water. Following these inspections, plumbers can help homeowners learn about the benefits and best applications for water purifiers and water softening equipment. If you have need of either of these plumbing additions, making these improvements now could result in softer skin and hair, better hydration, improved health, and better-tasting water for everyone.

7. Limit Water Pressure and Lower Your Water Bills

Another common oversight among Texas homeowners who don’t invest adequate effort into plumbing maintenance is excessively high water pressure. Having a forceful spray at your shower heads might feel good in the morning, but high water pressure can wind up costing you a veritable fortune over time. When water pressure is too high, a lot of water that flows out of the tap winds up going down the drains unused. Moreover, excessive pressure expedites normal wear. In turn, appliances like dishwashers and washing machines don’t last as long as they were meant to. Given that plumbing maintenance plans include water pressure testing, you can have the necessary adjustments made before excess pressure causes your appliances and other plumbing features to break down.

8. Keep Your Home Insurance or Home Warranty Intact

Home warranties and home insurance plans keep homeowners protected from the high costs of covered damages. When plumbing fixtures fail or plumbing appliances break down, you can count on the protections that these agreements provide to cover the needed replacements or repairs.

However, it’s important to remember that both insurance policies and warranties are mutual agreements. Companies agree to pay for certain repairs and homeowners agree to take reasonable steps to prevent them. Neglecting your plumbing by having only sporadic whole-house inspections performed may be seen as a violation of these agreements. If you cannot prove that you’ve been diligent about having your plumbing professionally inspected and maintained on a regular basis, you may wind up having your warranty or insurance policy voided.

Purchasing a plumbing maintenance plan is a great way to keep your coverage and warranties intact. These services are structured to help homeowners meet the basic requirements of these agreements. If a major plumbing problem arises, a plumbing maintenance plan will make it easy for you to prove your diligence in this area.

Homeowners in San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding areas can count on Anchor Plumbing Services for all their plumbing needs. We provide water treatment services, drain cleaning service, water heater installations, and more. We also offer a comprehensive plumbing maintenance program. To schedule service or to sign up for our preventative maintenance plan, call us today.

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